“Our hearts are ready to welcome a new member into our family with love, laughter, and endless adventures.”

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Jamil loves playing with his nieces!

About Jamil by Warren

Jamil, a compassionate and nurturing soul, blossomed through his experiences caring for his younger siblings, including a non-verbal autistic sister. His dedication to family showcases his kind, selfless nature. Jamil thrives in the realms of sci-fi, bringing creativity and wonder into our lives. Music is his constant companion, enriching every moment. His ability to balance empathy, imagination, and joy makes him an extraordinary partner and, he will undoubtedly, be a wonderful parent.

Jamil has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and now works at home with Warren in real estate.

More about Jamil:

  • Oldest of three siblings
  • Enjoys books, art, music, & video games
  • Loves being surrounded by family

Warren playing “baby dolls” with his niece.

About Warren by Jamil

Warren is a delightful blend of humor and compassion. His playful spirit brings joy to every moment, and his unwavering care ensures the well-being of our family. With culinary expertise, he treats us to love-filled meals and adds an entertaining layer to our lives as a true film buff. What captivates me most is his brilliant mind; he’s not just my husband but my best friend and I know he’s going to be an amazing dad.

Warren is a certified culinarian who now works from home with Jamil in real estate and also owns a furniture store in Tennessee.

More about Warren:

  • Grew up in Monroe NC, has two younger brothers
  • Passionate about cooking, travel and history

get to know us

We met online in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and started dating in 2018. Warren was in the auto body business and Jamil was working in IT. We moved to NC in 2020 to be closer to Warren’s family and were married in 2022.

Celebrating our niece’s 1st Birthday!